Pre-Marital Counselling

Pre-Marital Counselling

Pre Marital Counselling is a specialized type of therapy done for couples getting married. It is done to ensure that the couple has a healthy and strong relationship in the long term. It is done to identify any areas of disagreement and conflict in the relationship from early on itself.  The counseling is focussed on teaching the partners to discuss, talk, and resolve any conflict that they may face during their course of the marriage. 

This counseling also helps couples to understand each other, their expectations, and any significant differences. This counseling aims to give the couples a better chance to form a stable, satisfying, and meaningful marriage. The therapists who conduct this counseling are qualified and experienced individuals. 

Benefits of Pre-Marital Counselling

One of the major benefits of premarital counseling is that it helps couples address their concerns related to intimacy in their relationship. It helps these couples identify the conflicts that may be the finances, career goals, family dynamics, or child-rearing methods, to name a few. The couples have the option to either work through these in the early days of the relationship or plan out a way to address them in the future as and when they arise. Several reports have suggested that premarital counseling can prevent a divorce by up to 31%. 

Reports also show that couple-workshops, activities, and counseling can help partners in forming positive relationships. Premarital counseling is greatly recommended for all couples irrespective of whether they have ongoing issues or not. This is helpful because it can help partners in addressing thoughts, concerns, and expectations which they may have not thought to affect their relationship and it can also help couples ease out and say what their actual feelings are without any filters. 

This therapy gives couples a chance to talk and explore topics like finances, intimacy, and even children where most couples face challenges. Couples through this counseling can develop communication and conflict resolution skills to address their problems and fears about marriage, relationship history, or anything else. 

Challenges of Pre-Marital Counselling

Living in a developing nation such as India, premarital counseling faces a lot of challenges due to superstitions and taboos which have been stagnant for thousands of years. A larger lot of the population thinks of counseling as a waste of time however, over the past few years, due to education advancements, and growth, the perception of people has changed positively in favor of premarital counseling. Most couples who are independent, educated, and opinionated are in favor of premarital counseling but many continue to struggle. 

There are many challenges which couples face but they still avoid those challenges and don’t opt for counseling out of fear of the society or what issues may get revealed. Counseling is the best medium to discuss and speak of otherwise difficult topics and areas of concern. Premarital counseling may help some couples discuss their beliefs for the very first time. Through counseling, bringing up differences can open up discussion helping couples in leading a more fruitful life that awaits them. 

Therapy is a safe space for couples to discuss openly, raise issues, and express thoughts. It helps one to speak the truth about doubts, expectations, and future goals which, if had not been discussed, would have resulted in a conflict in the future. Most partners, with the help of this specialized therapy, can begin their relationship with a strong foundation. 

Pre-Marital Counselling with Dr. Tanya

Counselling has always been an important and integral part of Dr. Tanya’s We have designed our services especially keeping in mind the important role counseling plays for those individuals who wish to start their beautiful life together as a couple. The counseling is designed to address & resolve the smallest of conflicts and encourage a more honest discussion. The counseling also helps the couples address the emotional and financial concerns of the partners along with their life and career goals for the future. Our services are tailored to the requirement of the individuals and help you start your life on a positive note.

Happy Patients Review

Shalini Sethi

My experience with Dr. Tanya can’t be expressed into words, after all, she helped me become a mother. After trying for several years, we were recommended Dr. Tanya by a family friend. She was very supportive and professionalism is the reason I have a 6-month baby girl. Thank you, Dr. Tanya, and her team for everything.

Shalini Sethi

Sakshi Kohli

We want to thank Dr. Tanya for everything she has done for my family. My husband and I were trying to have a baby for 10 years, after all, experiments failed, we decided to visit Dr. Tanya. Her positive outlook and experience helped us finally become parents. She is the best IVF specialist in Delhi. Highly recommended.

Sakshi Kohli

Ayushi Malik

Our experience with Dr. Tanya has been very good. She and her team were very warm to us and answered all our doubts with complete transparency. She assured my family that I would be able to conceive. Three months ago I gave birth to my son and that was the happiest day of my life. It wouldn’t have been possible with Dr. Tanya. Thank you so much, Doctor.

Ayushi Malik

Is the egg retrieval painful?

During egg retrieval, you will be sedated and given medication so that you don’t’ feel the pain. After the surgery/procedure, you may feel cramps, soreness, or fullness.

Is bleeding expected after egg retrieval?

After egg retrieval, vaginal bleeding/spotting is common. It is similar to bleeding in periods. In case of excess bleed, you should contact the doctor immediately.

How long do I have to stay in the hospital during and after the procedure?

IVF Procedure does not require any hospitalization. It only requires frequent visits from time to time.

How soon can I return to normal life after IVF?

Once the embryo transfer is done, you can resume your normal life. You may experience cramps because there might be a minor swelling in the ovaries. Stick to a mild routine and avoid exertion as it may affect your chances of getting pregnant.