Fertility Evaluation

Fertility Evaluation

Fertility Evaluation is an individualized evaluation done by a fertility specialist. It is done to ease the patient of his/her worries and provide useful information and answers related to the reproductive potential of a person. Any standard fertility evaluation includes a physical examination, medical examination, and sexual history of the individual. The complete evaluation and diagnosis helps to access the fertility factors and enables the doctor to focus more on the treatment to make one conceive. 

Some of the factors which the fertility evaluation will take into account are: 

Physical Health: Physical health stands for different illnesses, birth defects, and anatomical disorders that can interfere with a healthy pregnancy.

Age of Female: An extremely important consideration while evaluating fertility is the age of the female. Conception is largely dependent on the quality of a woman’s eggs, and her egg quality & production. One of the harshest truths of life is that the egg quantity and quality decline with age. A woman’s egg count declines with age. At puberty, from 2 million eggs, she has only 300,000. By mid-30s and further, the eggs remaining are of lower quality and lower fertility potential. The reason behind this is, that as eggs age, they are likely to have more abnormal chromosomes leading to a failure of the fertilized egg to develop and thereby increasing the chances of miscarriage. With age, the production of important hormones like estrogen and progesterone essential for establishing pregnancy may also get affected. 

Male Fertility Health: Fertility evaluation will also assess the male sperm and the male’s reproductive history and lifestyle. Some types of information required for the evaluation include the male’s habits and medications being taken, etc. 

Evaluating Male Sperm: An analysis of the sperm can provide a lot of answers relating to the fertility struggles. The major properties which can be measured through a sperm test include: 

  • Semen Volume: If the ejaculate produced is lower than normal, it indicates blockage of seminal vesicles. This can be due to retrograde ejaculation. In retrograde ejaculation, the sperm enters the bladder instead of exiting the urethra. 
  • Morphology: This is done to check the percentage of normally shaped sperm as a poorly shaped sperm may be unable to fertilize the female egg. 
  • Motility: This is to check the percentage of sperm that is alive, healthy, and forward-moving as the sperm needs to unite with the egg in the fallopian tube. 

Fertility Evaluation with Dr. Tanya

We understand that people who visit a fertility specialist for the first time may feel nervous or even ashamed. Fertility Assessment with us is done with utmost care and compassion. We ensure that all our patients know the purpose behind each test and are comfortable with it. Dr. Tanya is a fertility specialist in Gurgaon who is known for helping her patients become parents. She offers complete transparency in her procedures and guides her parents throughout the process. 

Happy Patients Review

Shalini Sethi

My experience with Dr. Tanya can’t be expressed into words, after all, she helped me become a mother. After trying for several years, we were recommended Dr. Tanya by a family friend. She was very supportive and professionalism is the reason I have a 6-month baby girl. Thank you, Dr. Tanya, and her team for everything.

Shalini Sethi

Sakshi Kohli

We want to thank Dr. Tanya for everything she has done for my family. My husband and I were trying to have a baby for 10 years, after all, experiments failed, we decided to visit Dr. Tanya. Her positive outlook and experience helped us finally become parents. She is the best IVF specialist in Delhi. Highly recommended.

Sakshi Kohli

Ayushi Malik

Our experience with Dr. Tanya has been very good. She and her team were very warm to us and answered all our doubts with complete transparency. She assured my family that I would be able to conceive. Three months ago I gave birth to my son and that was the happiest day of my life. It wouldn’t have been possible with Dr. Tanya. Thank you so much, Doctor.

Ayushi Malik

Is the egg retrieval painful?

During egg retrieval, you will be sedated and given medication so that you don’t’ feel the pain. After the surgery/procedure, you may feel cramps, soreness, or fullness.

Is bleeding expected after egg retrieval?

After egg retrieval, vaginal bleeding/spotting is common. It is similar to bleeding in periods. In case of excess bleed, you should contact the doctor immediately.

How long do I have to stay in the hospital during and after the procedure?

IVF Procedure does not require any hospitalization. It only requires frequent visits from time to time.

How soon can I return to normal life after IVF?

Once the embryo transfer is done, you can resume your normal life. You may experience cramps because there might be a minor swelling in the ovaries. Stick to a mild routine and avoid exertion as it may affect your chances of getting pregnant.